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"To be one of the finest micro-finance companies in Nepal and provide qualitative and reliable financial services to all."


"The mission of MEROMICROFINANCE is to support and strengthen the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid by facilitating easy and responsive access to financial services for the poor, marginalized and disadvantaged to come out of the vicious circle of poverty".


"Upscale the financial status of the disadvantaged groups of people by providing them with access to micro-finance services and enhance their business skills and grow their enterprises at optimum level".


The objectives of MEROMICROFINANCE are to reduce poverty and improve the quality of lives of the landless and assetless rural and urban poor by providing them with diversified financial services.

General Objectives

  • Provide quality and reliable banking/financial intermediary services;
  • Provide adequate financial resources, technical and managerial consultancy services, training and technology;
  • Minimize risks in banking/financial services;
  • Promote the trust of the general public in the overall financial system of the country.

Specific Objectives

  • Provide micro-entrepreneurs with credit services for the promotion/establishment of different types of micro-enterprises that generate income, self-employment and/or employment;
  • Mobilize savings from group members;
  • Encourage and extend micro-credit services to micro-entrepreneurs for establishing enterprises, including micro-hydropower;
  • Provide remittance services to clients in coordination with the appropriate agency;
  • Provide micro-insurance services to the clients in coordination with the appropriate agency.


Reflecting our work and in the behaviour of each and every team member, our values create strong principles in us:

  • C= Cost effective and simple
  • R=Respect for all
  • E=Exemplary governance
  • A=Accountable and professionalism
  • T=Transparency and reliability
  • I=Innovative
  • V=Value addition
  • E=Effective team work and committment