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Pewa Bachat

Pewa Bachat khata can be opened by the member of Bank. Account shall be opened only in the name of individual, who is the member of any center and group.


Account Name: Grihini Pewa Bachat
Account Type: Saving (Mandatory)
Interest Rate: 8.00% P.a.
Minimum Balance: NRs. 100.00/- (Account open at Rs. 10/-)
Interest credited: Quarterly
Calculation Type: Daily Balance
Deposit: Member can deposit NRs. 5,000/- (Maximum) from center meeting and NRs. 1,00,000/-(Maximum) from respective branch office at one time.
Withdrawn: One installment of loan should be withdrawn in center meeting, If more then one installment then they have to come branch office for withdrawn.
Account Close: At the time of member dropout.