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Organization Structure

MERO MICROFINANCE is structured in two distinct tiers: the corporate office and branch offices in the field.

Branch Composition

MERO MICROFINANCE is a decentralized institution, each branch acts as its own cost and profit center, which encourages efficient use of resources. Responsibility lies on the branch to achieve the optimum at the least cost possible and generate revenue in the form of interest as much as possible. The branches have the freedom to carry out all these activities following the MERO MICROFINANCE’s Operating Manual. Each branch has one Branch Manager (BM), three to four Field Assistant on average.

Each Field Assistant is responsible for overseeing between 100 and 140 groups comprising of 500 – 700 members. Depending on the number of Field Assistants working in a branch, each branch can have between 300 and 600 groups totaling between 1,500 to 3,000 members. Field Assistants are responsible forconducting centre meeting and maintaining daily accounts/MIS and Branch Manager is branch and transactional accounting. Each branch has five years business plan and based on that prepares its own annual work plan with fiscal targets and cash flow projection.

Corporate Office Composition

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) leads and directs the personnel of different departments, which constitute the corporate office including: Human Resource(HR) and Operation, Finance, Credit and Internal departments.